Tuesday 25 June 2024

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A Little Give

A Little Give

The unsung, unseen, undone work of women

Marina Benjamin

British author Marina Benjamin has collected a series of essays on the undervalued work women play in society.

The child of Iraqi Jewish migrants, Ms Benjamin mixes her life as a renowned writer in bustling Britain with the traditional values of her upbringing. She reflects on this contrasting role as she looks after her ailing mother, who had her own stormy relationship with the women paid to help her domestically.

Further, when the author’s teenage daughter moves out of home, Ms Benjamin again queries her role as caregiver.

In chapters on roles such as feeding, cleaning, caring and safeguarding, Ms Benjamin examines the obligations so often thrust onto women in the world’s households without praise or acknowledgment.

The result is a warm, engaging work, no matter the reader’s gender.

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