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APHEDA Has A Light Touch In Vietnam

APHEDA Has A Light Touch In Vietnam

Union Aid Abroad helps switch
on the lights in Indochina.

Vang Kheo hamlet in northeast Vietnam is now illuminated with road lighting and equipped with solar power banks for all houses.

The project, built with the support of Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA and the Terri Daktyl Memorial fund, is part Vietnam’s commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

Villagers have access to television and can charge their phones, strengthening connectivity. Solar energy has also brought about a positive shift in education, allowing children to study without the need for torches or oil lamps and enabling evening playtime in the yard.

This initiative highlights the crucial role of rural women in driving the transition towards clean and secure energy. While some households previously accessed electricity from

a mini hydropower system on a small stream in the village, its susceptibility to damage and low capacity for lighting necessitated a more sustainable solution.

Recognising this reality in rural sectors, the Bac Kan Women’s Union conducted a survey of villages yet to be connected to the national grid, prioritising Vang Kheo hamlet for the pilot implementation.

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