Friday 26 July 2024

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APHEDA Says Yes To The Voice

APHEDA Says Yes To The Voice

Union body stands in solidarity with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in their campaigns for justice and equality.

Long associated with campaigns overseas, Union Aid Abroad- APHEDA has momentarily switched its focus closer to home and come out in support for the Voice to Parliament.

In a statement, the organisation said, “Together with the Australian union movement, we support the Voice to Parliament for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

“A Voice to Parliament is one of the key reforms Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities have called for through the Uluru Statement from the Heart. It will give First Nations peoples the right to have a say over laws that affect them and, because it’s enshrined in the constitution, it can’t be stripped away by future governments.

“We know that organised movements of people make change possible.

Let’s bring the country together by connecting all Australians to 65,000 years of continuous Indigenous culture.”

The organisation is encouraging Australian unionists to take action to support the Voice by signing pledge on the its website:

APHEDA is asking members “to talk to your friends and family about voting Yes”, to volunteer with the Yes campaign, and to publicise it “by putting a Yes sign in your front yard or handing out flyers at pre-poll”.

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