Sunday 26 May 2024

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The magazine of the Public Service Association of NSW and the Community and Public Sector Union (NSW Branch)

Campaign on Front Foot For March

Members’ concerns hit the political hustings.

Staff and members from the PSA have been getting the message out to voters about the important role the Public Sector plays in NSW.

The union has produced two advertisements that highlight how rampant privatisation has pushed bills up for all people in NSW.

The two advertisements were delivered to carefully targetted marginal seats such as Parramatta and Penrith.

One advertisement used a family to show just how often people in NSW are inadvertently handing over money to the companies that have taken control of what were once public assets.

“The advertisements were a great way to strip down the message: no matter who you are, the privatisation agenda has its hand in your wallet,” said PSA Manager Campaigns and Communications Marianne Ledic. “Each ad came in 15- and 30-second versions.”

In addition, staff and members were up before sunrise, getting to train stations in marginal seats throughout Sydney to hand out pamphlets alerting commuters to the havoc wreaked by 12 years of outsourcing under four successive Liberal Party Premiers.

“Voters have told us the cost of living is hitting them hard,” said PSA General Secretary Stewart Little. “We know privatisation is a huge driving force behind these skyrocketing bills.

“Privatisation hurts everybody.”

Members have also formed action groups around the state to publicise the campaign and to take members’ concerns to local parliamentarians.”

“The action groups show that members are on board with our campaign,” said Senior Organiser Anne Kennelly.

Mr Little said the feedback from members about the campaign has been positive.

“As a union, we would never tell members how to vote,” he said. “However, it is important that we let voters know where the parties stand on issues that affect our working lives and the cost of living so profoundly.”

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