Friday 26 July 2024

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Cooperation Wins Award For PSA Delegate

Cooperation Wins Award For PSA Delegate

Member wins award for her union work – from management.

PSA Delegate Clare Angel-Auld has been given an award at the Health Professionals Councils Authority (HPCA) for her work bridging the gap between management and staff.

Ms Angel-Auld (right), a Program Officer, received a commendation award for her “pivotal role as the sole PSA Delegate at HPCA on behalf of union members at both Gladesville and Pitt Street worksites”.

According to the HPCA award committee, “Clare’s leadership on the HPCA Joint Consultative Committee has driven tangible improvements in recruitment, workloads, workplace safety, and organisational culture.

“Notably, Clare’s collaboration with the PSA led to the implementation of an anonymous staff survey in 2023, focusing on workload and psychological safety risks.

“Despite her busy role as a Program Officer in the Nursing and Midwifery team, Clare dedicates herself to PSA Delegate work, providing support to individual members and leading union meetings. This commendation recognises Clare’s outstanding contributions to fostering a positive and collaborative work environment at HPCA.”

Ms Angel-Auld said she was “very surprised” to receive the award.

“It shows a tacit support for union activity, where traditionally, and in many places, it is seen as a conflict,” she said. “The award was confirmation of the progress we felt PSA members had made

in their relationship with the HPCA Executive.

“Establishing a union line of communication over the past couple of years has required a fair amount of perseverance.

“It’s also pretty commonplace for unions not to have much or any visibility in the workplace except where required by legislation. So having an employer publicly endorse and present an award for union initiatives is quite amazing.

“This recognition shows employees that the work we are doing is objectively positive and that the union branding is not something to be afraid of.

“I hope it shows employers that union groups are not inherently oppositional, and that in the Public Sector, organisations that are correctly and effectively upholding laws to protect the interests of the public are organisations that directly engage with the collective voice of their staff on issues they are facing.”

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