Friday 26 July 2024

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CPSU NSW Nails New Agreement

CPSU NSW Nails New Agreement

Negotiations will commence again next year.

CPSU NSW industrial staff and Delegates have negotiated a one -year Enterprise Agreement for TAFE employees.

If passed, the agreement will give members the maximum allowable pay increase of 2.53 per cent, plus superannuation, with wages to be backpaid to 18 September 2022.

The agreement will include a flex agreement clause, which is enforceable.

In addition, all entitlements paid out to those who are leaving the organisation or exited after 18 September 2022 due to redundancy will be at the new rate, including Voluntary Redundancy payments.

“The one-year agreement means we hope to be negotiating the next agreement in a different political environment, namely a Labor State Government that has ditched the wages cap,” said CPSU NSW Industrial Manager Thane Pearce. “We’d like to bargain without the cap hanging over us.” Despite operating in the federal industrial relations system, members in TAFE are still bound by the wages cap imposed on NSW Public Sector workers since 2011.

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