Tuesday 25 June 2024

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Domestic Violence Campaign Continues

Domestic Violence Campaign Continues

PSA CPSU NSW demands for stricter sentencing gets wider support.

emands for the justice system to take domestic and family violence more seriously has gained support throughout the community and media.

PSA CPSU NSW General Secretary Stewart Little has spoken at length about the issue with Ray Hadley on 2GB radio.

Since the campaign was initially launched by the PSA CPSU NSW, the country was shocked by the death of Forbes woman Molly Ticehurst. The man charged with her murder had been released on bail after serious allegations of domestic violence and sexual assault.

“A woman is killed by a partner or former partner every four days in Australia,” said PSA CPSU NSW President Nicole Jess. “We need to see stricter sentencing, including more custodial terms.”

Sixty per cent of domestic and family violence offenders in NSW receive community orders rather than incarceration. Most of these orders are unsupervised.

Ninety per cent of fines for domestic and family violence offences are less than $1000.

“Many of our members work up close with people affected by domestic and family violence,” said Ms Jess. “We have members in the justice system, Community Services, schools and agencies such as Women NSW who witness this crisis firsthand.

“We need to take this seriously.”

Similar sentiments about lenient sentencing for domestic and family violence offenders have been raised in many opinion pages and by influential journalists such as Crikey’s Bernard Keane.

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