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The magazine of the Public Service Association of NSW and the Community and Public Sector Union (NSW Branch)

John Calls It A Day

John Calls It A Day

A union veteran retires.

On 9 March 1976, John Minucos had his first day working in the NSW TAFE system.

Immediately he joined his union, and was elected as a staff representative.

“In days gone past, the State Library had supplied library staff to all NSW government agencies, including TAFE,” he said. “So no head of any government library service could earn more than the Deputy State Librarian, because he controlled them all.”

His work with the union eventually helped overturn this outdated cap on members’ wages.

Mr Minucos has retired from the TAFE system after nearly 48 years.

As a Delegate, he once organised the shut down of “every TAFE library in the state” over a hiring dispute.

Mr Minucos is passionate about his time with the PSA CPSU NSW.

“I have always been a member because I value the work the union does,” he said.

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