Sunday 26 May 2024

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Liaison Officers Make A Real Difference

Liaison Officers Make A Real Difference

PSA members in Police help their community.

PSA Delegate Marko Petrovic travelled to Broken Hill to meet Aboriginal Community Liaison Officers (ACLOs) from NSW Police Force Western Region.

“This is why I love my job,” said Mr Petrovic. “It was a great day to meet and speak to this passionate group of ACLOs. It was fantastic to hear about the positive

“The Western Region is the largest region in the NSW Police Force. I really look forward to working with them and their colleagues across NSW in making sure they have adequate pay, conditions and resources. The first step is a decent pay rise.”

Harry Cutmore is one ACLO who knows how important the role is.

“ACLOs assist with the engagement of Aboriginal communities, developing and maintaining open communications, informing them of policy changes and issues, as well as the development of Aboriginal Action Plan and other crime prevention strategies within communities.

“ACLOs assist with supporting Aboriginal persons in custody and Aboriginal victims and assisting with Aboriginal cultural education and awareness.”

PSA CPSU NSW Aboriginal Liaison Officer Ricky Walford said, “These members do a great job.”

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