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Life Leave In Newcastle Enterprise Agreement

Life Leave In Newcastle Enterprise Agreement

New flexible provision is a key feature of new deal.

The new Enterprise Agreement for the University of Newcastle includes 10 days’ Life Leave.

The new entitlement in the Enterprise Agreement, which at the time Red Tape went to print had been lodged with the Fair Work Commission, gives up to 10 days’ paid Life Leave per calendar year for “life events”.

Life events can include moving house, menstruation, grandparent duties, family events or simply personal wellbeing.

Employees do not need to tell anyone what they are using the leave for unless they are wanting to take more than three consecutive days.

Staff covered by the Enterprise Agreements will receive pay increases totalling 13 per cent through the term of the Agreement. A 5 per cent increase, backdated to 1 April 2023, will be paid following commencement of the new Agreement. This will be followed by a 4 per cent increase to be paid in March 2024 and again in March 2025.

Other benefits include 20 days’ Domestic Violence and Abuse Leave and Gender Affirmation Leave of up to 10 days’ paid leave each calendar year.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members are eligible for an additional 10 days’ paid leave and 10 days’ unpaid leave in order to fulfil cultural responsibilities.

“The Bargaining process for our members at the University of Newcastle was long and, at times, frustrating, particularly as other partes involved insisted on painstakingly reviewing every line of a document we have been privy to for almost two years,” said PSA CPSU NSW Assistant General Secretary Troy Wright, who was involved in the Bargaining process.

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