Sunday 16 June 2024

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Members stand together

School members refuse to be played off against each other.

Union values were on show at a school in Southwestern Sydney when offers of permanency were made.

In September, a School Learning Support Officer (SLSO) in a primary school called the PSA CPSU NSW Member Support Centre (MSC) about their permanency offer through the Temporary Workforce Transition (TWT).

The SLSO had been offered a permanent contract with half the days of what their current temporary contract was.

The Member Support Officer (MSO) realised this issue was not just localised to the member; multiple SLSOs had been offered permanency with significantly fewer days at this primary school.

The MSO realised this would mean a significant loss of income for our member. However, not only was the SLSO offered less than they were entitled to, but staff were also directed to fight amongst themselves for the rest of their contracted days through an Expression of Interest.

The MSO and member agreed this was not only wrong but ethically questionable. The union contacted all SLSOs at the school, who banded together and agreed they will not let this stand and that they would not be made to fight one another for their rightfully earned working days.

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