Sunday 26 May 2024

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Poll Pods

Listeners get a preview of the state election

Political junkies have been spoiled for choice with the PSA/CPSU NSW’s recent podcasts.

Interviews with General Secretary Stewart Little and Unions NSW head Mark Morey (above) have been the highlight of recent podcasts, giving listeners the chance to hear what the union and the political parties want after the 25 March 2023.

“All elections are important,” said Communications and Campaigns Manager Marianne Ledic. “But the coming poll is vital. The state’s voters have a stark choice: more privatisations, more insecure work and more artificially suppressed wages, or a change to the way things have been done for the past dozen years.”

Mr Morey, himself a former Public Sector worker, talked about how privatisation contribute to “cost-of-living pressures”. He pointed out this wage pressure is forcing people to leave Public Sector roles for better-paying jobs.

He was also scathing about the State Government’s overreliance on insecure roles.

In his interview, Mr Little talked about the disastrous sell-offs of disability services and Parklea Gaol and how the business model relies on paying low wages to employees.

Mr Little said the podcast he featured in was an excellent way to get the union’s message to voters.

“People take their vote seriously. Hearing their union’s viewpoint, as well as what parties have on offer for them, is a great way our communications team reaches out to members.

“We will never tell people how to vote, but it is our role to make sure our members are fully informed about what is at stake when they hit the polls in March.”

Podcasts from the PSA/CPSU NSW are available on all podcast delivery platforms, and can also be accessed via the PSA Facebook page and the PSA and CPSU NSW websites.

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