Sunday 26 May 2024

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PSA WINS Permanency Commitment

PSA WINS Permanency Commitment

Shadow Education Minister listens to union concerns on insecure work.

Opposition Education Spokesperson, Prue Car, has responded to the PSA’s campaigning on insecure work in schools, committing a Minns Labor Government to creating more permanent roles for members. 

“The school system at the moment, is under pressure,” she told the PSA’s Schools Departmental Committee.

Ms Car, the party’s Deputy Leader, said she agreed with the PSA that School Administrative and Support (SAS) staff, particularly School Learning Support Officers, required urgent action alongside similar improvements to teachers’ workloads.

“The percentage of casual SAS staff is unacceptable to me,” she said. “More students with complex needs require assistance from support staff.”

Ms Car said Labor would beat the State Government’s promise to make 10,000 teachers and support staff permanent.

Reducing insecure work, she said, would involve looking at changing how funding, which is usually allocated to students, is allocated. Ms Car floated the idea of permanency in a region rather than tying employees to a student or a particular school. This would also allow staff to follow children through the school system, giving them continuity of care.

“We would be open to working with the union and staff reps to make sure you have permanency going forward,” she said. “Education will be a massive part of the election campaign.

“Permanency will be a priority of the Labor Government if elected.”

PSA General Secretary Stewart Little said Ms Car’s commitments showed that the union’s campaigning on permanency had paid off for members.

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