Tuesday 25 June 2024

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Saving a State, Saving a Planet

Saving a State, Saving a Planet

Our fellow union members are cleaning up NSW’s environment.

I believe the science. Humanity is having a detrimental effect on the world: heating the atmosphere, depleting oceans, razing forests and wiping out species forever.

Australian governments have been slow to respond to the enormous challenges posed by a deteriorating environment. Scott Morrison’s conduct at the 2021 Glasgow Climate Summit proved he is a man not up to the job, his dearth of talent further hamstrung by an obstinate National Party and undue influence from the mining lobby.

Here in NSW, the State Government is still too keen to allow new coal mines, and land-clearing remains a major problem, putting at risk the state’s koala population.

However, there are PSA/CPSU NSW members who are making a difference.

In Australia it is the states that generate the power, run the National Parks and forests and implement planning laws.

To do this, the State Government depends on the PSA/CPSU NSW’s membership.

We have members working to make electricity generation cleaner, preserving National Parks, seed-banking and fighting bushfires and floods. We have people devising policies to preserve bushland and species and to remediate land. We have members working to educate the next generation of green leaders.

Like so much of the work our members do, the preservation of the environment requires our employers to give us all the support we need. We need to be well-paid for our important work, in full-time, secure positions. We need to be spared endless job cuts, outsourcing and threats to job security. We need to know the projects we work on will not be cut simply for political expediency or because a News Corp story has attacked a program.

PSA/CPSU NSW members are saving the planet: and they need all the support they can get.

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