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Sixty – Seven Days

Sixty – Seven Days

True love is everlasting

Yvonne Weldon



For too long, Koori voices have been sparsely represented on our nation’s bookshelves. PSA member, Sydney City Councillor and part of the Aboriginal Council Executive Yvonne Weldon (pictured below campaigning for Lord Mayor) has done her bit to redress that: writing a love story that captures inner-city Koori life in the latter years of the 20th Century.

Sixty-Seven Days tells the story of Evie, a Wiradjuri woman living with her family in the inner west of Sydney and studying at the University of Sydney.

The book follows a 67-day romance with James, a Koori man whose understanding of his background is incomplete due to the forced removal of family members in the past.

The two embark on a passionate romance in Sydney and throughout NSW, tracing Evie’s family ties in the country towns where she and her family grew up.

Lurking in the background, however, is a member of the community who has used his position to abuse young Koori women.

Sixty-Seven Days moves at a rapid pace, the multigenerational characters are engaging, and the reader will not want to put it down until the novel’s dramatic end.

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