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Stewart House Gives Kids A Brighter Outlook

Stewart House Gives Kids A Brighter Outlook

An initiative to help underprivileged kids gets support from members in schools and the Department of Education.

Stewart House on Sydney’s Northern Beaches provides programs for children in need from throughout NSW and the ACT.

Every year, 1600 students spend time at the house, overlooking the beach at Curl Curl.

During a 12-day stay, they are provided with dental, optical, hearing and medical screening and treatment and participate in educational programs and excursions designed to develop their social and emotional skills, build self-esteem and improve their overall wellbeing.

They attend lessons at an onsite school with classes geared towards their needs.

In addition to the PSA/CPSU NSW’s donation to Stewart House, members in schools and the Department of Education would have recently received envelopes from Stewart House, so that they can make their own Workplace Giving donations.

Government employees can elect to choose Stewart House as part of the Workplace Giving program. They can select Stewart House and an amount and this then comes straight out of their salary.

In a video to members, PSA/CPSU NSW General Secretary Stewart Little said the union “is proud to stand with school support staff and office-based employees of the Department of Education in championing the Stewart House cause”.

Mr Little said the union’s support for the underprivileged children entering Stewart House aligns with the vital work performed by members in schools.

“Even before children enter the classroom, support staff see first hand how they present for school and understand the need for a circuit-breaker from their current circumstances,” he said. “Stewart House is that break.

“Our colleagues in Communities and Justice and NSW Health, who facilitate placement into the program, and provide frontline support, know just how valuable the 12-day stay can be.

“Stewart House gives these children the chance to experience a different way of life that helps change the way they see themselves.
“I encourage all 40,000 of our members to consider supporting Stewart House.”

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