Sunday 21 April 2024

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Stories From The Coalface

Stories From The Coalface

Members can keep up to date with events in School Admin land.

The PSA and Delegates continue to advocate for improvements to the “Simplified School Budget” enterprise financial tool. Despite some small advancements, such as a new timesheet code for non-billable casuals, members are still grappling with a system that is difficult to understand, adds to workload and has too many moving parts.

“It is hoped that ongoing consultation will result in some genuine simplifications and improved communication of these processes in schools,” said Chair of the Schools Departmental Committee and PSA Senior Vice-President Juliette Sizer. “In the meantime, members are urged to report issues and seek assistance through EdConnect or Schools Finance, so that the department is made aware of the extent of these concerns.”

Most schools have now selected a third-party software provider to replace the old EBS package, which is being decommissioned.

“The PSA maintains its stance that the Department should provide fully funded, fit-for-purpose systems for schools to carry out their core work,” said Ms Sizer.

“It is interesting to note that one of the approved suppliers, School Bytes, is in the process of being acquired by Global Payments, which owns Sentral, another of the approved suppliers.

“We’ll see how the removal of market competition impacts services.”

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