Friday 26 July 2024

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The Successor

The Successor

The high-stakes life of Lachlan Murdoch

Paddy Manning
Black Inc

This detailed profile of the man destined to take over News Corp when Rupert Murdoch leaves the role paints a picture of a shallow financial genius who will happily see democracy burn as long as he can buy a shiny new yacht.

Born in London, raised in New York, Lachlan Murdoch seems to consider himself an Australian. While the loony talking heads of his Fox Network call Australia an oppressive state that restricts gun access, Mr Murdoch and his Northern Beaches-raised wife moved here to raise a family safely.

The product of extensive research, The Successor traces Mr Murdoch’s business successes and failures, as he bounces in and out of his father’s media empire.

Most troubling is his stewardship of the toxic Fox News, which he would rather see undermine democracy under his watch than allow someone else to make money from the network’s audience.

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