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Union Crosses The Border

Union Crosses The Border

For many members, union coverage extends beyond NSW.

Assistant General Secretary Troy Wright recently took an interstate visit, standing on the south side of the Murray River with CPSU NSW member Phil Cocks from WaterNSW.

“Our PSA CPSU NSW members work in every corner of our state; and sometimes beyond,” said Mr Wright. “Phil operates the weir on the Murray River from Robinvale behind enemy lines on the Victorian side.

“He ensures communities throughout the Riverina have supplies of water in times of flood and drought.”

Despite the name, the PSA CPSU NSW has members based in other states. Aware Super’s members in Melbourne, for example, receive their industrial support from PSA House in Sydney. Likewise, Professional Staff at the Gold Coast campus of Southern Cross University (pictured being visited by Organiser Kim Villanti) are covered by the CPSU NSW.

Many PSA CPSU NSW members cross a border for work every day. The union has 46 members who live in Wodonga, for example, while 99 live in the Australian Capital Territory. There are 16 members in the regional Victorian city of Mildura.

With remote work now an established part of the post-COVID employment world, it is possible for members to move further afield. The union has three members living in Adelaide and one in Perth.

Cross-border operations for enforcement agencies such as Fisheries come with a number of complications.

“With waterways such as the Murray, the Macintyre and Sussex Inlet forming borders, our members in Fisheries are permitted by law to pursue transgressors into different states and territories,” said Industrial Officer Shane Howes. “There are all sorts of different circumstances where Fisheries Officers can and can’t use their defensive appointments when undertaking these operations. This just adds a further level of complication to the job.”

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