Sunday 16 June 2024

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Union fees frozen for another year

Union fees frozen for another year

PSA CPSU NSW helps fight rising living costs for its members.

The PSA CPSU NSW Executive and Central Council have frozen membership fees for the fourth year running. 

General Secretary Stewart Little said the freeze will help members cope with rising living costs.

“Interest rates are up and many of our members have partners in the private sector who have not received pay increases for some time, or have struggling businesses,” said Mr Little. “Fee relief is just one way to address this.

“Your membership fees are an investment. They are an investment in your career, your family and your future. Union membership is like an insurance policy against unforeseen events that can dramatically affect your job and your standard of living.

“It is proven that people in highly unionised industries are better paid than those elsewhere. Your union fees are an investment in a better-paying career.

“In addition, your membership fees can cut your cost of living. PSA CPSU NSW members are eligible for a multitude of discounts for products and services.

“Savings are possible through the Union Shopper program, as well as partnerships negotiated directly with companies by your union.”

The PSA CPSU NSW has compiled a chart outlining discounts available to members, demonstrating that union membership can pay for itself.

The figures used here are based on information about Australian household weekly spend as at 2023 from The savings are an example of what
a member could save if they use Member Benefits discounts to reduce their weekly spend.

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