Tuesday 25 June 2024

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Wagecover Gives Income Protection To Members

Wagecover Gives Income Protection To Members

New benefit offers help if the pay packets stop.

PSA CPSU NSW members have access to a new protection from WageCover. “Our premiums are quite low,” said Account Manager with WageCover Angela O’Reilly, who gave a presentation at the 2024 PSA CPSU NSW Annual Conference.

Ms O’Reilly said the policy will not force members to exhaust all sick leave before payments.

There is a 14-day waiting period before the coverage kicks in. There are also death and funeral benefits as part of the policy.

WageCover has a long relationship with Correctives members, whose high-risk status often makes it difficult to get income protection insurance.

The new coverage will also cover other high-risk areas, such as Sheriff ’s Officers and Rural Fire Service staff.

“We are happy that it is now possible for members to purchase coverage and go to work with peace of mind,” said PSA CPSU NSW Member Services Manager Kym Ward.

“This is yet another benefit of PSA CPSU NSW membership that can help combat the rising cost of living.

“Benefits of joining can outweigh the costs.

“There is power in being part of the union.”

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