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What To Do If You Are Affected By Domestic and Family Violence

What To Do If You Are Affected By Domestic and Family Violence

The PSA CPSU NSW pioneered domestic and family violence leave in Australian workplaces.

“For our members employed by the NSW Government, those affected by domestic and family violence can access 20 days’ leave to take care of the many tasks that arise in these situations,” said PSA CPSU NSW Women’s Industrial Officer Simone Scalmer. “These can include, but are not limited to, relocating house to somewhere safer, court appearances, medical appointments, counselling, legal appointments, and police interviews.

“You don’t need to exhaust your other leave entitlements before accessing domestic and family violence leave.

“It is also applicable to those employed as casuals.

“Enterprise Agreements in the Fair Work system may have similar entitlements, but the national minimum standards are 10 days’ leave.”

Ms Scalmer said there are a number of agencies that can support those affected by domestic and family violence. These include 1800 RESPECT, ( which is a nationwide domestic, family and sexual violence counselling, information and support service.

“The PSA and CPSU NSW websites have information on support services available, as well as tips on anonymous browsing to ensure violent partners do not monitor your internet use,” she said. “There is also a link to a form to ask for confidential assistance and support from your union for you or a colleague. “Go to or au/domestic-violence and always remember to call 000 if you are in immediate danger.

“The PSA CPSU NSW is updating its fact sheets on domestic and family violence and these will be distributed to workplaces and online.”

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