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Young Unionists Learn The Ropes

Young Unionists Learn The Ropes

Unions NSW interns get a crash course in industrial relations.

Three young unionists recently spent time getting experience behind the scenes at the PSA CPSU NSW.

The trio were gaining experience as part of the Unions NSW Union Winter program, which looks to introduce younger activists to industrial relations, as well as introduce fresh insights to employee-representative bodies such as the PSA CPSU NSW.

As part of the program, the participants looked at the operations of all industrial teams, as well as sections such as the Member Support Centre, Legal Services and Communications.

One participant, Mike Galvez (pictured above left) is studying a Juris Doctorate at the University of Sydney.

Mr Galvez is originally from Hong Kong, where he gained an interest in the trade union movement after fighting for workers’ rights in the Chinese Special Administrative Region. He has also worked in a community legal centre in Sydney.

“I am fascinated by the vibrancy and energy of the union movement in Australia, compared to Hong Kong,” he said.

Carla Field (pictured above right) is studying an Arts/Advanced Studies degree in industrial relations and international relations.

“I chose these majors as I care about geopolitics and I care about workers’ rights,” said Ms Field. “I worked in various retail and hospitality jobs from the age of 14 and experienced wage theft, poor pay and poor working conditions.

“These experiences made me want to understand the current industrial relations system and fight for workers’ rights.”

Michael George (pictured above centre) describes himself as “a young workers’ rights advocate looking to start my career in the union”.

Mr George graduated with an International Relations degree at the University of Wollongong and spent some of his time at the PSA CPSU NSW South Coast office.

“I’m here to help people,” said Mr George. “The PSA itches that part of my brain that just wants to help people achieve workers’ liberation.”

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