Sunday 26 May 2024

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Boost To Cut Workload

Boost To Cut Workload

PSA members get more roles to assist teachers.

Schools will hire more Administrative and Support Staff to address teacher workloads.

Following pressure from the PSA and other unions in the sector, Education Minster Prue Car announced the School Administration Improvement Program to reduce the amount of time teachers spend on administrative tasks. It will involve funding and training for additional School Administrative and Support (SAS) Staff, test new ways to address workload and co- design and implement solutions.

The new staff will join the 203 administration roles already in place in 128 schools as part of the School Administration Improvement Program introduced in Term 3 last year.

The expansion of the program to about 20 per cent of all public schools, will help identify the best way to scale-up the program for implementation across all NSW public schools in 2024.

“This again is a positive step forward in recognising you and the value of the role you do as SAS Staff,” said PSA President Nicole Jess.

The proposed tasks the new administrative staff can remove from teachers’ workload include, but are not limited to:

  • Preparing excursions, liaising with bus companies and organising permission
  • Inputting student performance data into spreadsheets
  • Managing parental payments
  • Updating newsletters, social media, and school apps and texting parents about events
  • Filling out health plans for students
  • Lesson

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