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A Joyful Life

A Joyful Life

One woman’s story of triumph over trauma to build a life of hope and gratitude

Rosemary Kariuki with Summer Lan
Hardie Grant

A speaker at the 2022 PSA CPSU NSW Women’s Conference, member Rosemary Kariuki not only entranced the crowd, she left with most attendees probably wanting to move into her neighbourhood.

In 1999, Ms Kariuki fled Kenya to escape family abuse and tribal clashes and arrived in Sydney alone. In her suitcase was a few hundred dollars, some clothes, and several gifts to give strangers.

She has since become a Police Multicultural Community Liaison Officer in Campbelltown, helping migrants who are facing isolation, domestic violence, language barriers and financial distress.

In her fascinating book, Ms Kariuki shows how she embraced living in a new city, created a social hub in her outer suburban neighbourhood and dedicated herself to improving the lives of many other migrant women in Australia and become a mother figure for many people in the community.

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