Tuesday 25 June 2024

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APHEDA Helps Conscripts Escaping Myanmar

APHEDA Helps Conscripts Escaping Myanmar

Union Aid Abroad helps people avoid killing for a dictatorship

Union Aid Abroad APHEDA is supporting partner organisations that help young civilians escape Myanmar to avoid serving in the same military they grew up protesting against.

Many of the people press-ganged into the armed forces had grown up opposing the Myanmar Government. Often they were members of ethnic minorities that had been oppressed by the government.

As one young activist told Britain’s BBC News Service, “If we serve in the military, we will be contributing to their atrocities.” Security forces are reportedly demanding bribes and ransoms from those unwilling to comply.

Partner aid organisations on the Thai-Myanmar border are evaluating the situation as the number of migrants rapidly increases. Initial actions include providing safe migration information to people before crossing the border to address issues related to documentation and vulnerability to exploitation.

“Burmese workers, young people, and women are in urgent need of international support,” said APHEDA in a media statement. “Australian unionists are actively working for social justice in Myanmar and at its border with Thailand.

“Join us in supporting our partner organisations [listed below].”

ALTSEAN-Burma: www.altsean.org

Karen Women’s Organisation:

MAP Foundation:

Mae Tao Clinic:

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