Tuesday 25 June 2024

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Champion Of The State – Kyle

Champion Of The State – Kyle

Kyle has been a B2 Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer with NSW Police for 10 years, helping keep the people of the state safe.

“We keep the aircraft flying that provide crucial aerial support for police on the ground and search and rescue on land and sea,” he said. “I carry out

scheduled and unscheduled maintenance for the aircraft electrical, instrument and radio systems.

“I also install, inspect and repair specialised law enforcement airborne mission equipment and certify if an aircraft is serviceable to fly.”

A Champion of the State, Kyle said his job requires a high level of technical knowledge, and the ability to read and understand technical information, as well as good concentration skills and attention to detail.

“It also requires an ability to work effectively in a team environment,” he said.

Before working for NSW Police, Kyle worked at Qantas for five years.

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