Sunday 21 April 2024

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Champions Of The State – Jane

Champions Of The State – Jane

Jane works for the newly created agency, Homes NSW, as an Internal Auditor.

“In this role, I mostly specialise in compliance and performance auditing,” she said. “We have the largest property portfolio in the southern hemisphere: more than 100,000 properties.

“I perform risk-based audits in relation to contractor performance under the asset maintenance contract in order to appraise the operational effectiveness and to ensure the contractors meet their obligations.”

Jane said her job as an Internal Auditor requires a thorough approach to work and appeals to people who enjoy working with numbers. “My role is important because we are looking for operational gaps in

the service delivery and always looking to improve contractors’ performances,” she said. “We are working to deliver the best outcomes to our community.”

Jane has worked in the Public Sector for six years. Like many people in oversight roles, Jane is a Champion of the State and a vital part of the NSW Public Sector.

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