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Disability Support ‘Not Just A Job’

Disability Support ‘Not Just A Job’

A union stalwart looks back at her career.

Early in her career in the disability support field, Lynda Dean knew this was not just a job.

“This was a place of growth and opportunity for a career providing opportunity for those being cared for and for myself,” she said. “I have worked in all areas of assistance available in disability, including behaviour management, high needs, personal care, and community access.

“I loved my work. Every day brought a new challenge. I embraced the feeling of happiness in assisting and achieving and enabling the little things in life that made others smile.”

After nearly 25 years in the role, largely as a Delegate, Ms Dean is retiring knowing she not only was there for clients, but for her fellow union members, too.

“Working with vulnerable people, it would be imperative to join the union for support and to be that voice to advocate and liaise with others in every aspect of their individual daily needs,” she said.

Ms Dean was a Delegate during the time the State Government walked away from disability support, moving the entire sector to non-government organisations.

“During the transition from the public sector to the non-government business model, morale in teams across the sector became shattered,” she said. “There was no leadership, no direction, confusion in the members and general workers in relation to where we were heading what was to happen.

“Team leaders were stretched and morale dropped severely with staff. Cost-cutting came wherever it could, in all areas around purchases, rostering and staffing.”

Despite tough times such as the transition, Ms Dean looks back fondly at her career.

“Reflecting upon my time and my achievements as a Disability Support Worker and Manager and Delegate for the CPSU NSW, I believe if I can walk away knowing I made a difference,” she said.

“I know my job is done.”

PSA CPSU NSW Regional Organiser Shane Elliott said Ms Dean will be missed.

“Lynda is the embodiment of the dedication our hard-working Disability Support Workers provide to those less fortunate,” he said.

“Lynda’s assistance to members has been invaluable in de-escalating issues and helped to improve the responsiveness of the union to support members to resolve their local issues.

“I’ll miss Lynda’s contribution to the union’s activities to improve the working environment for our members in the disability space.”

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