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Family Violence

Family Violence

A vital public service is there for families in need.

P SA members at the Mount Druitt Family Violence Service perform vital work in the western suburbs of Sydney.

The service, established in 2006, tackles the issue of systemic family violence in the area.

The service is funded by Community Services, in partnership with NSW Health, Police, Corrective Services and Housing.

The wrap-around service is for people experiencing family violence in crisis. Assistance is there on a both short- and long-term basis, and who may not be already be involved with Community Services. Participation in the service is voluntary.

The staff are called upon by other parts of Community Services as a resource to help with complex family violence matters.

It has been held up by the previous Communities and Justice Secretary Michael Coutts-Trotter as the “gold standard” for family violence service provision, and something that needed to be emulated throughout NSW.

“The service is held in high regard by community partners,” said Belinda Tsirekas, Organiser with the PSA.

“This area of Sydney is very well serviced due to the diligence of these members,” said Ms Tsirekas. “We are glad to see it continue to serve the people of Mount Driutt well into the future.”

It is the last government-run family violence service. Similar services throughout the state have been parcelled out to community organisations.

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