Sunday 16 June 2024

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Farewell to the face of the union

Farewell to the face of the union

The PSA CPSU NSW farewells Patrick Norton.

For many visitors to PSA House, Patrick Norton was the first face of the union they came across.

If not maintaining the union’s fleet of cars, Patrick was at the front desk, telling members when and where their meetings or training sessions were and helping conference attendees with luggage.

Patrick Norton began at the PSA CPSU NSW in 1998. He worked in administrative roles throughout the union, including industrial teams, membership and communications. It was in the Building Management team, however, that he became best known to anyone walking into the front lobby of PSA House.

“Patrick provided a friendly, warm welcome to those who came into our building,” said PSA CPSU NSW General Secretary Stewart Little. “Away from the front desk, he helped look after the upkeep of cars to ensure Organisers could easily get to sites throughout NSW.

“He was always on hand during events such as Conferences.

“Most of all, he will be missed by everyone here and the countless visitors he made feel welcome.”

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