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Geoff Racks Up A Half Century Of Service

Geoff Racks Up A Half Century Of Service

This CPSU NSW member is one of the many keeping NSW roads safer for all.

Fifty years ago, Geoff Jones began work as a Heavy Vehicle Inspector.

“Fifty years ago is hard to remember but I think I was pretty nervous,” he said. “After the first day I

thought, ‘How will I ever remember all this information?’”

Over 50 years, Mr Jones has seen dramatic changes in the way technology is used in his role.

“The biggest change was definitely going from pen and paper to IT technology,” he said. “When I started we did not even have a calculator.”

He said he and his fellow Inspectors provide customer service, “but there are times when you have to take the hard line.

“I think there is a good relationship between most drivers and Inspectors.

“I believe if we had no Safety and Compliance staff it would not take long for the transport industry to go backwards with unroadworthy vehicles, driver fatigue and overloading being a common day occurrence.

“Something I will dearly miss once I retire will be the fantastic people I have met in my 50-year journey.”

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