Tuesday 25 June 2024

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Life and death on a scorched planet

Jeff Goodell
Black Inc

Dramatic temperature increases in the Northern Hemisphere recently demonstrate the perils of climate change.

American author Jeff Goodell has penned a book describing a future world of regular sky-high temperatures.

A grim read, Mr Goodell talks about more forest fires, greater insect plagues and a massive increase in the number of people without access to developed-world commodities such as air-conditioning dying in their own sweat.

Heat talks about future challenges, such as growing food in changing weather conditions, more ferocious cyclones and hurricanes, dealing with rising sea levels and, most terrifyingly, new viruses and pathogens released as the Arctic permafrost melts.

The book talks about the dichotomy of a world where developing countries in the tropics bear the brunt of a climate disaster created by wealthier countries in more temperate parts of the planet.

There is also a class element determining who suffers, with poor, often immigrant workers in the United States dying in fields and delivery vans, while wealthier knowledge-based workers sit in temperature- regulated offices.

Heat may paint a bleak picture of our future, but it should be shoved under the nose of every climate change denialist in the country.

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