Tuesday 25 June 2024

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Insurance Update Ensures Continued Cover

Insurance Update Ensures Continued Cover

Members are further protected by additional benefits in your free Journey and Personal Accident insurance.

PSA/CPSU NSW members now have additional insurance coverage.

“We have negotiated a new insurance arrangement that will help our members with some of our most popular benefits,” said Manager Member Services Kym Ward. “All PSA/CPSU NSW members have journey insurance, for example. When the State Government rescinded workers’ compensation coverage to and from work, your union stepped in and made sure all members are covered if they have an accident en route to or from work.

“Journey insurance now includes $10,000 in funeral costs, $10,000 in modification expenses and $5000 to aid return to work.

“In addition, every member has free personal accident insurance. “New coverage for members includes $3000 for fractured bones, $1000 in dental benefits and $2000 for workplace assaults that result in at least 48 hours in hospital.

For $11 a year, Personal Accident coverage can be extended to all family members under the age of 19 living with the policy holder. The policy is extended to family members up to the age of 25 who are living at home and studying full-time.

“Members also receive free ambulance cover if they are not already protected by such a plan. This applies for members’ family members who reside with them.”

“And there is a Provident Fund which pays a benefit of $4000 if a member dies. This is extended to all working members and retired members up to the age of 70.”

Go to the PSA and CPSU NSW websites to download claim forms and read policy terms and conditions.

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