Sunday 26 May 2024

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Labor Shadow Commits To Spend More On Public Housing

Labor Shadow Commits To Spend More On Public Housing

Labor Shadow Housing Minister Rose Jackson committed her party to spending more money on public housing if it takes power in March 2023.

Speaking to the PSA’s Housing Departmental Committee, Ms Jackson said there had been too little investment from the Perrottet Government.

Ms Jackson also said a Labor State Government would reunite Housing NSW with the Land and Housing Corporation and with Aboriginal Housing.

“We work with thousands of Housing staff, clients, and client agencies,” said Departmental Committee Chair Bernadette McMahon.

“We see the need for change every day and ask Labor for its commitment to affect these most important changes to the ongoing housing crisis, of secure employment for workers, public housing stock and support services.

“At Housing we are one of the very first agencies involved in any NSW natural disaster or emergency. Over the past few years we have gone above and beyond demonstrating our work and support for our clients in some of the most difficult of circumstances. Our housing contact centres quickly sorted emergency accommodation for those in greatest need.”

Industrial Manager Julie-Ann Bond welcomed Ms Jackson’s commitment, saying it was important that the current NSW Government’s neglect of public housing needed to be addressed.

“The Department of Housing plays a vital role in NSW,” said Ms Bond. “Rents are sky high, housing is unfordable to many buyers and schemes such as AirBnB are distorting the market throughout the state.

“A well-funded public housing system has never been more important for NSW.”

The State Government has professed to prefer social housing over public housing. It has sold off public properties such as the Sirius Building in The Rocks (pictured below) to the private sector.

The Greens have said they will fight for increased construction of public and social housing. The party hopes this will reduce the 10-year waiting list faced by thousands of people for public housing.

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