Tuesday 25 June 2024

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Members work on mental health 

<strong>Members work on mental health</strong> 

A day away from the office helps Community Corrections staff feel better at work.

The PSA helped its members in Wollongong Community Corrections have an active day to help deal with the mental stress of working with offenders.   

“Attendees participated in activities such as barefoot bowls and surfing lessons, and relaxed with a barbeque lunch,” said PSA CPSU NSW Organiser Chris Auld.   

“Thanks to Chris and the PSA for funding the surf lesson and lunch and most importantly, thanks to everyone who made an effort to show up for the day,” said PSA member Chad Haynes who is a Senior Community Corrections Officer in Wollongong.  

“I know it was out of the way for a lot of people, but from the feedback I got on the day everyone had a great time. Also congratulations to everyone who got in the water, I am pretty sure we all stood up which is awesome given most of us were first timers. 

Attendees also heard from Rusty Moran, a surf instructor who gave people insights into dealing with stress at work.  

“I think it was a great day listening to him talk about the importance of burn out and mental health for front line staff and the impact of breathing and getting in the ocean can have on our body and mind,” said Mr Haynes. 

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