Sunday 26 May 2024

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Over And Out: Ian Finish

Over And Out: Ian Finish

And end to a quarter century of service.

After 25 serving NSW, Police Radio Operator Ian Perry is retiring.

Police Communications Delegate and Central Councillor Michael Petersen said Mr Perry was “a vital part of our office culture”.

“Your efforts in keeping our drinks and snacks filled and facilitating our Christmas parties created a welcoming and inclusive environment for all of us,” said Mr Petersen. “We also want to acknowledge your commitment to union membership, and the positive impact it has had on our workplace.

Your advocacy for fair wages, benefits and working conditions has helped create a more equitable and supportive environment for all of us.

“Your dedication to union membership is a testament to your values and your belief in the power of collective action.”

“You will always be remembered as a valued colleague, friend, mentor and passionate Moto GP and Panthers fan, who made our celebrations unforgettable, and advocated for a better workplace for all.”

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