Tuesday 25 June 2024

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PSA CPSU NSW Contributes To Equality Bill

PSA CPSU NSW Contributes To Equality Bill

Union joins the fight against discrimination.


has made a submission to Parliament on its forthcoming religious discrimination bill.

The bill, which was introduced by crossbencher Alex Greenwich (pictured below), increases protection for workers from religious-based discrimination.

The Bill initially had support from the Minns Government.

“The PSA CPSU NSW Pride Council, which represents the interests of LGBTQIA+ members, has made a submission to NSW Parliament supporting the bill and emphasising the importance of the industrial aspects of the proposed legislation,” said the union’s Acting Senior Organiser Glenn Duncan. “No-one should lose their job over a difference of religious opinion with their employer.

“It is 2024; people should be able to live their lives without repercussion from their place of work about their chosen lifestyle and sexual orientation.”

The PSA CPSU NSW submission largely agreed with the proposed legislation, making four suggestions on issues such as gender-affirmation leave.

The union also requested it be consulted if a gender inclusion standard is written by the NSW Public Service Commission. The submission also mentioned how religious organisations involved in the Community Services sector have been found to discriminate against people willing to foster children.

“This submission proves the importance of the Pride Council,” said Mr Duncan. “By getting diverse voices heard, we can influence real change in the halls of power in NSW.”

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