Friday 26 July 2024

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PSA Gets All Parties On Side For Secure Roles In Schools

PSA Gets All Parties On Side For Secure Roles In Schools

Labor and the Coalition give hope to members in insecure roles.

Years of campaigning by the PSA have paid off, with both the Government and Opposition going into the March election promising to convert thousands of insecure roles in schools into permanent positions.

According to the Opposition Education Spokesperson, Prue Car, an incoming Labor Government will convert at least 5000 school support staff in insecure roles to permanent positions.

Labor’s announcement follows the decision by the Perrottet Government to give at least 4000 school support staff permanent roles.

In a meeting at PSA House, Greens MP Jenny Leong confirmed her party’s support for job security in schools.

At present, more than half of all school support staff are employed in insecure positions; some for more than 10 years.

“In the past few years, we have been knocking on the doors of government, opposition and crossbench MPs, explaining the injustice of keeping workers so vital to the operation of the NSW education system in insecure roles,” said PSA Secretary General Stewart Little. “We owe it to our members to make the best possible representations on their behalf.

“As a union member, you have skilled representatives taking up your fight with politicians. There is power in a union.”

Labor Leader Chris Minns (centre) visits the PSA Annual Conference. He is flanked by PSA Executive members, from left: Vice-President Shelley Odewahn, General Secretary Stewart Little, President Nicole Jess and Assistant General Secretary Troy Wright.
NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet, PSA Senior Vice-President and Chair of the Schools Departmental Committee Juliette Sizer and Stewart Little.
Troy Wright, Stewart Little, Greens MP Jenny Leong and Nicole Jess.

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