Friday 26 July 2024

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Retired Associates Talk Climate Change

Retired Associates Talk Climate Change

Tim Stephens talks about taking environmental action.

A guest speaker spoke to PSA CPSU NSW Retired Associates about the climate crisis facing the world.

Professor of International Law at the

University of Sydney and Fellow of the Australian Academy of Law, Professor Tim Stephens, spoke to a meeting of the Associates about the crisis facing the planet and what people, particularly retirees, can do to fight climate change and environmental decline.

Professor Stephens, whose expertise is maritime law, said, “We are really in a critical moment, addressing what is

rightly described as a climate emergency.”

He said rising sea and air temperatures will have wide-ranging effects, including flooding, drier rivers, tropical fish species moving south and ocean acidity.

The guests heard he was “cautiously optimistic” about the Paris Agreement limiting rising temperatures, saying it was superior to previous agreements such as those reached in Kyoto, Rio and Glasgow.

Global increases in temperatures, he said, mean “the economy is going to have to change” and the Public Sector will “bear the brunt” of changes.

Professor Stephens addressed some climate change myths brought up by attendees and urged them to take action to address the issue. He told them

social media groups such as pro-wind power Facebook pages in Wollongong were great ways to share ideas, pressure authorities and counter disinformation.

“The talk from Professor Stephens was both entertaining and informative,” said Retired Associates Secretary Carmel McKeough. “We hope to hold more of these events to keep retired members abreast of social and environmental issues affecting our state.”

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