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Scorched earth: survey uncovers resentment in RFS, Police and ODPP

Scorched earth: survey uncovers resentment in RFS, Police and ODPP

Data reveals unhappy workplaces throughout NSW.

The annual People Matter Employment Survey has revealed disquiet in Public Sector workplaces throughout NSW.

Forty-six per cent of Rural Fire Service (RFS) respondents said they felt burnt out and more than a fifth planned to leave employment.

Only 24 per cent of respondents feel that senior managers listen to employees, and 36 per cent felt senior managers model the values of their organisation.

“What truly worries the PSA and our members is the recurring themes from previous years,” said Industrial Manager Siobhan Callinan. “If we examine an eight-year average of what members report as key underlying issues, we seem to be stuck in a People Matters Groundhog Day.”

In the NSW Police Force (NSWPF), only 39 per cent of respondents would recommend the Force as a great place to work, down 7 per cent from the previous year. This is a whopping 24 per cent lower than the wider Public Sector. Only 41 per cent of those replying believed they are paid fairly for the work they do, down 11 per cent from the previous year.

“These results undoubtedly point to issues that the NSWPF needs to address urgently,” said Industrial Manager Nathan Bradshaw. “What is worrying is the consistent decline from last year’s already poor results.

“Only 24 per cent of respondents felt confident the NSWPF will act on the results of this survey, 19 per cent lower than the wider Public Sector.

“It is up to NSWPF to prove otherwise.”

Employee dissatisfaction was also high in the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, which has had a long-standing problem with overwork and employees sacrificing flex hours.

PSA General Secretary Stewart Little said the real challenge for the NSW Government will be the results of next year’s survey.

“This will be the first test of an administration that should be bedded in and doing what it promised when elected: fix the NSW Public Sector,” he said. “We will be watching.”

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