Sunday 26 May 2024

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Southern Cross Gets New EA

Southern Cross Gets New EA

Enterprise Agreements are being reached throughout NSW.

Professional Staff at Southern Cross University (SCU) have a new Enterprise Agreement (EA). Despite opposition from the National Tertiary Education Union, staff voted to accept the agreement, which will see pay rises of 9-10.5 per cent over three years.

The EA also includes the removal of arbitrary categories of employment and improved conversion rights from fixed term to ongoing employment.

Superannuation will be paid on unpaid parental leave and there is an increase in leave provisions for employees who experience late pregnancy miscarriage, still birth and perinatal death.

Employees can access compassionate leave for early pregnancy miscarriage, or where their partner experiences early pregnancy miscarriage.

A new clause mandates formal consultation processes in any change that is likely to result in two or more employees being retrenched. Another clause requires the university to genuinely consider redeployment before deciding to make a position redundant

At Western Sydney University, a proposed EA includes a 2.6 per cent pay increase and a $1000 uplift for levels 1-5. Levels 6-7 get a $500 uplift.

Next October will see a 3.35 per cent increase. In 2024, the increase will be 2.9 per cent and 2.6 per cent in March 2025.

An Agreement is also near completion at the Australian Catholic University (ACU). If passed, it will include a 2.8 per cent pay increase next January. Again, there is a $1000 uplift for levels 1-5, and levels 6-7 get a $500 uplift.

A 3.5 per cent pay increase will be awarded in January 2024, three per cent a year later, and 2.8 per cent in July 2025.

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