Friday 26 July 2024

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The Economy Of Algorithms

The Economy Of Algorithms

AI and the rise of the Digital Minions
Marek Kowalkiewicz
La Trobe University Press

Will artificial intelligence (AI) take your job? Queensland University of Technology academic Marek Kowalkiewicz is the man to ask.

Dr Kowalkiewicz’s book is ideal for anyone wanting to understand how AI will transform their lives.

He gives a brief history of AI, dating back to Alan Turing’s “imitation game” that was “used to determine an algorithm’s ability to exhibit human-like behaviour in a conversation”.

The Economy of Algorithms outlines how “digital minions” can make your life easier by taking care of minor tasks in your day-to-day life or while running a business.

Which gets us to the query: will AI take your job? Dr Kowalkiewicz points to areas where AI overstepped the mark, such as Robodebt, where human intervention would have prevented anxiety in thousands of cases. He presents cases that prove physical staff should work alongside AI to better deliver products, services and functions.

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