Friday 26 July 2024

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Union Rolls Up Its Sleeve To Help

Union Rolls Up Its Sleeve To Help

The PSA CPSU NSW is part of a drive to donate blood.

Staff and executive members have formed a team to encourage blood donations.

“Your union is all about doing better for the community,” said PSA CPSU NSW Assistant

General Secretary Troy Wright after having 867ml of plasma removed from his blood stream. “Donating blood or plasma is a great way to help others.”

The Red Cross has blood-collection centres all over the state. Previous restrictions on people who lived in Britain in the 1990s have been lifted. Some people restricted from donating blood may be able to instead donate plasma, which is given to trauma, burn and shock patients, as well as people with severe liver disease or clotting deficiencies.

Elissa King of Lifeblood in Sydney said staff at the collection centres are on hand to give closer attention to support donors who normally fear needles.

She said people can come and look at the centre’s operations and see how easy it is to give blood or plasma.

There is always a demand for blood and plasma. Union members interested in joining the donation drive can nominate the Public Service Association of NSW (PSA) team or form their own group.

Register online at to donate.

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