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Yabun Festival Celebrates Aboriginal Survival

Yabun Festival Celebrates Aboriginal Survival

The PSA CPSU NSW stall attracted plenty of attention on Australia Day.

Australia Day remains a public holiday despite the appalling connotations it has for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Held in Sydney’s Victoria Park, Yabun is a one-day festival that marks the survival of First Nations people in the 236 years since the arrival of the First Fleet and the ensuing massacres and dispossession.

The PSA CPSU NSW participated in the event with a stall aimed at giving information to members, potential members and anyone else interested in the union’s work.

“It was a sweltering day, so it was great to see so many familiar faces and some new ones, too,” said PSA CPSU NSW Community and Membership Engagement Officer Ricky Walford (pictured above left). “We showed that we are a union that is there for our members.”

Also at the event were PSA CPSU NSW Aboriginal Council Chair Darrell Brown (above middle) and Deputy Chair Erica Smits (second from left).

“Although there’s a lot of debate about the relevance of celebrating Australia day on 26 January, Aboriginal people have been demonstrating against this day for decades, back to the first day of mourning in 1938, the 150th anniversary, the Aboriginal community have chosen to oppose this celebration by having an annual survival day celebrating another year of survival for the Aboriginal community,” said Mr Brown.

“Yabun has become a significant event on the Aboriginal calendar. The community looks forward to this event as it’s a vehicle for our community to unite and continue the fight for Aboriginal justice. It is also an opportunity for all government agencies to provide their paraphernalia to communities that they don’t often get to participate with.

“It’s a great day to teach our children and youth about our important Aboriginal culture and our history.

“There’s a march, which is a really important event at this time of year.”

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