Sunday 26 May 2024

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Our Voice Is Heard

Our Voice Is Heard <br><br><br>

With the Premier and two Ministers attending Annual Conference, it is obvious our relationship with the State Government has changed.

The election of the Minns Government has brought about many positive changes for NSW.

One development became obvious at our Annual Conference in May 2023, where we had a State Government willing to talk to us and listen to our ideas.

Premier Chris Minns, Environment Minister Penny Sharpe and Housing Minister Rose Jackson all took the time to speak to our Conference and hear what our members had to say. This comes on the back of countless meetings between your union’s executive, staff and delegates and incoming Government ministers. After 12 years of Liberal National Coalition Government, we no longer have to battle to get our voices heard.

Under the rolling premierships of Barry O’Farrell, Mike Baird, Gladys Berejiklian and Dominic Perrottet, our union was stonewalled and ignored by a government that saw the Public Sector and the unions that represent its workers as irritants. In perhaps the most extreme case, then Transport Minister David Elliott labelled Public Sector workers in his portfolio “terrorists”.

We look forward to doing things differently now. Within 100 days of his election victory, Premier Chris Minns took to the lectern at PSA House to address members at our Annual Conference. Mr Minns thanked our members for the work they do for the people of NSW. He acknowledged that the Public Sector is brimming with workers who deserve the Government’s respect.

The PSA CPSU NSW campaigned to rid Macquarie Street of the Liberal National Coalition Government, and this political campaign has paid dividends. Your executive and senior staff members are in constant contact with Ministers and MPs keen to have a stronger relationship with the union that represents the people who will be implementing their policies.

There will likely be some friction in the future, but judging on the first few months of the new Premier’s term, we are confident we will be listened to and respected.

We know how hard you all work for NSW; it is encouraging that our government does, too.

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